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The Random Ramblings

Here is the place where you can find your favorite past Random Ramblings.

2.12.01 Cafeteria Love - No, this does not deal with Nicole's wild obsession for Chicken Parm!

2.14.01 I LOVE YOU - Really, I do!

2.16.01 Mind Numbing I really hate ice!

2.19.01 Don't Shake Your Head! Just nod along to the rhythm.

2.28.01 Get Outta My WAY! I will run you over before I would slow down.

3.28.01 That Glow of High School My observations before a tour.

4.2.01 You're a Dork! The English language at its finest.

5.7.01 The Marmalade Effect Voulez-vous coucher avec moi, ce soir?

5.16.01 Golden Tassle and Green Plastic A final freshman year column

10.25.01 Patriotism: America's Newest Fad God Bless America

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