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The Random Ramblings


You're a Dork!

What is our culture's obsession with the word dork? I mean, it seems like from a young age that seems like a very fitting name to call anyone who is acting silly or that is really nerdy. But why dork? I mean, we all know what it really means.

So we teach our children to go around calling people whales' dicks. Is that the type of world we want to live in? I mean, who wants to be called a whale's dick?

I can see the tragic playground incident where a child gets called what we consider a very harmless name.

"You're a dork!"

"I'm telling the teacher! You called me a whale's dick!"

"I'm telling the teacher, too! You said dick!"

What are we teaching these children? Could we not have picked a word that doesn't refer to a large mammals sexual anatomy?

Maybe we should just leave that to be found out later in life, like that certain things aren't real. I know I was devastated when I found out for the first time that Pamela Lee's breasts weren't real. I think dork goes into that category.

But until that time: YOU'RE A DORK!!! DORK DORKITY DORK DORK DORK!!!! (And if you still don't realize this, I just called you a whale's dick.)

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