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The Random Ramblings


The Marmalade Effect

I observed an extraordinary phenomenon (do-dooo-do-do-do) the other day while eating lunch in the Union. Things were going as usual near Crossroads and in the lounge area. People sitting around doing homework, eating lunch, watching the plethora of televisions, etc, etc. You have to understand that every single TV in the place is on a different station so its hard to hear one particular TV over any other.

But that day BET was on one of the TV's. Of course, no one's paying any more attention to it than they are to Scooby Doo on another TV. But all of a sudden, out of the depths of the Union came those first chords and lyrics: "Where's all my soul sisters, let me hear you flow sisters..." Whoooooosh! Yes, that's the sound of every male head in the area turning to the TV. People stopped in the middle of conversations, people stopped doing homework, burgers paused in mid-bite. Yes, Memorial Union fell victim to "The Marmalade Effect."

It was absolutely incredible. The phenomeon was pretty interesting, too. There was one guy who sat down on the couch to watch the video, and the second it was over he was gone. I considered abandoning my booth (think the Holy Grail of places to sit at Crossroads) to go over to where I could see the screen better. What is in this music that draws us like hypnotized drones to it. I can understand the video: scantily dressed women dancing on the screen portraying hookers gets anyone's attention.

Its almost like a modern Siren's song, luring unsuspecting college guys into the grasps of the singers. Kind of creepy. Um, speaking of the song, I've got to go now, Christina is calling to me......

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