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The Random Ramblings


Patriotism: America's Newest Fad

First off, I want to assure everyone that I am not against what our country stands for at all. I dearly love and support it, even if I do disagree at times with its actions.

I find the sudden flag fad to be a bit to much to handle. All of a sudden people who would have never even owned a flag went out and bought the stars and stripes. Its not that their wanting to support our country that annoys me, but the way that we have been sent into a patriotic frenzy.

In ways, it reminds me of times of war like in the World Wars where everyone was encouraged to grow "Victory Gardens" and anyone who didn't do all they could for the war effort was considered unAmerican. I'm sitting here watching the Cartoon Network as they show old cartoons from WWII years. No one was safe from being part of the war effort, not Porky Pig, not even a poor hibernating bear!!

Ok, so they probably didn't really draft sleeping bears. But my point is that everywhere you look people are using the sudden patriotism to their betterment. The saying that sex sells is nearly as true as the fact that now patriotism sells. Signs in establishments saying "We support the effort" or flags covering anything and everything gets to me a little bit. Don't they have any sense of morality?

Maybe I'm overanalyzing all of it, but I can't help but think that pretty soon the next new fad will come through and we'll forget about waving our red, white, blues. I don't need to put a flag sticker on my car, I show my support through my actions. God Bless America.

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