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The Random Ramblings


Get Outta My WAY!

There is a battle going on out there. It happens everyday on the way to and from class on nearly every campus. No, its not the squirrels (although I will address them too at some time). Its the battle between the bikes and the pedestrians (I will call them walkers instead of what I usually call them). Even the cars get involved everyonce and awhile, but only at the parking lots. There seems to be a contempt to each other between the bikes and walkers, though.

I, myself, am typically one of those people who speed past the walkers on my bike, usually late to something or other. Its interesting what you learn on the way to class though. Did you know that a small college girl can take up an entire sidewalk by herself. Its incredible. Let me correct that statement: INCREDIBLY FRUSTRATING!!!

I can also understand the point of view of the walkers. I mean, you don't exactly know which side the bike is going to whizz by on and you really have no way of protecting your self against the speeding vehicle. But I only feel for you walkers when we share an area.

This brings me to the subject of the solitary bike lane on campus in the South Oval. If you are walking in the bike lane, GET OUT OF IT!! I don't believe you have any right to complain about the bikes on the sidewalks and such if you are walking in our one bike lane. Is it so hard to walk in the rest of the street (those of you that don't go to OU, there isn't any traffic on the South Oval but there is a road).

I suppose the hate towards bikes will go on as long as we have wheels and a faster way to class than you do. But hey, we know you're just jealous that we get that extra five minutes of sleep!

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