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The Random Ramblings


Don't Shake Your Head!

Every single community or nationality around the world has their little ways of saying hello. For the French it may be a "Bonjour!" and a kiss on each cheek. For business "people" (I'm trying to be PC) they exchange a handshake. Some cultures consider a bow a courteous greeting. Everyone seems to have some way of exchanging greetings.

I noticed something, or rather re-noticed, today as I was walking back from class. American men have created a simple way of saying hello. The Nod. With merely one movement of the head two men can communicate an entire conversation and move on.

Think about the way most females say hello.(yes, I'm stereotyping most of them as sorority girls, but just go with me) "Jamie!! Oh my gosh, I haven't seen you for an entire hour! You'll never guess what happened! John called and asked me to go to his date party! I'm so excited! By the way, you look nice today. Did you get a haircut? I absolutely love that outfit, I'll have to borrow it sometime....." Yada yada yada.

Examine two guys who meet in the South Oval. Both give the upward nod and possibly a "Hey, what's up?" or a "How's it goin'?" Nothing more is needed?

I think it was last year that one of my friends asked me, "What's up with the way guys nod at each other?" I had never really thought about it. But we've taken a simple movement and made it ours. A universal (or at least American) way to say hello without going out of our way.

So now, if you will excuse me, I'm about to nod off. Everyone nod their heads in approval..... very good.

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