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The Random Ramblings


Golden Tassle and Green Plastic

I just took down two important things from my car: one of my graduation tassles and my OU parking permit. No longer will these two items decorate my rear view mirror. But the significance in each is beyond the ability to just take down.

First of all, my graduation tassle. This tassle has hung in my car since about last April. I figure I will take down my tassle and with it pass on from my freshman year in college. I've kept it there mainly as a reminder of where I came from and my friends that have gone other ways. It was always there (for a short while with a few strings braided) as I got in the car. But high school is now, amazingly, a whole year in the past. Its hard to believe its been a year since I've seen some people and walked the halls of Deer Creek High School as a student. I remember when I first put it up, my friend Melissa jokingly asked me if I was trying to pass myself as a sexy college man. Well, I believe I can do that now without the tassle! (Oh, shut up!!) The tassle was always gave me a way to identify my car from a distance when searching endlessly for my car in the parking lots.

That brings me to my parking pass. The little green piece of plastic that marked my car as "Housing" no longer will restrict my parking. I would probably keep it up there just as habit, but I noticed that it expired yesterday. How sad. Not really, but the little piece of green plastic will always remind me of the hours I spent as a freshman hunting, stalking, for that perfect parking spot which usually left me parking in BFE. I won't really miss waiting until 4pm to park in Elm Street garage. Nor will I miss searching for a parking spot when I park right in front of my apartment next year. Of course, I'll have to once again buy a new piece of plastic next fall, a red one this time. Yes, my friends, I am now a commuter.

I need to find something new to take the place of these two items in my car. I'm sure I'll find something that will hold memories in it that I can't even begin to put on this page

As a finish to my first year at OU, I thank all of my friends. I could have never imagined that I would meet so many wonderful people. I can't imagine my life now without THE PRIDE OF OKLAHOMA, trips to Taco Cabana, midnight Wal-Mart runs, or scribbling down quotes for my ever growing quotes page. I will miss you all this summer, but you will all be there again in the fall!

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