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The Random Ramblings


Mind Numbing

Hello again to all of my newly found faithful readers, and a good Friday to all of you! Yes, that hallowed thing we call Friday has finally arrived and along with it a well deserved rest for your truly.

Anyways, you didn't come here to hear me rant, you came to hear me ramble, so that I shall do

I really dislike cold weather. I especially hate icy, frigid, I-was-warm-wearing-a-tshirt-yesterday-but-now-I-look-like-an-eskimo weather. I know, some of you get dreamy thoughts of snow skiing and warm fireside chats with hot cocoa. But those of you with those thoughts don't have to walk to class in the d@#$ stuff.

Of course ice has become a nemesis of mine. Yes, sure its all fine and nice when its sitting of a glass of coke (<--little 'c'). Or maybe if you have ice-skates, its fine then too. But for some reason when we give a little bit of water the power to freeze, it thinks it can control our life. And I hate ice when it gets an attitude.

Example: My bike sits frozen in the bike rack. Suddenly the weather hates the fact that I can make it to the other end of campus in 5 minutes. That would be too easy for me.

So, I ask you, ICE: FRIEND OF FOE.

That's all I have for now. Excuse me as I go freeze trying to thaw my bike out.

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