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The Random Ramblings


That Glow of High School

So I was sitting in Jacobson Hall (the Visitor's Center) waiting for a friend from my high school to come take a tour of campus. Already I can't believe how many more people there are now than when I took my first tour. By this point I could probably give the tour myself.

But I look around at the prospective students that will be students at some university next year and I notice how they have such a different look than I have seen in awhile. They almost glow of being high schoolers. They still have that extreme dependancy on their parents (who loom over their every move of the tour).

And for the next two hours they well be led around like sheep, shown the basics of the university, and told inane facts lie the administration building has burnt down twice.

Some will be back next year, and they will gain that look of a college person. They, too, will no longer be dependant on their parents and will begin to be the adults they already think they are

Eh, they have a summer.

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