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The Origin of Anti-Gravity Cobbler

"Sure its fun to play with, but what does it taste like?"

Once upon a time in a cafeteria not so far away, some friends were having dinner as usual. Understand that this cafeteria often likes to experiment with the choice and selection that they give to the students at the university. Well, this one night one of my friends decided to get what looked like a harmless fruit cobbler. After finishing the rest of her meal, she was somewhat skeptical as to whether to eat the seemingly harmless dessert.

She kind of poked at it with her fork and it really didn't affect the form of the food. I, remembering anti-gravity shakes at some restaurant, tried turning it upside down quickly. Nothing happened to it. I turned over again, a little bit longer this time. Still no effect on the dessert. We continued this until we had held the cobber upside down in its bowl for nearly 30 minutes. Yes, 30 minutes.

We left the cafeteria and left the cobber upside down on the conveyer belt (over an empty glass) to show the staff back there what we had discovered. We also decided to write a letter to Dave, the almighty Food Services guy who responds to student letters in the Kitchen Comments. All Dave had to say was "Sure it was fun to play with, but what does it taste like?"

We've lost the article for right now. If we find it, I'll copy it verbatim onto this site. Until then, enjoy a nice helping of our own Anti-Gravity Cobbler!

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