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Picture Pages

Here is where I will share with you my few pictures. I will get more eventually I promise, but for now, this will have to do. They aren't all of me (think about who this is), so I'll try and annotate the page as needed. And I suppose if your picture is on here and you absolutely despise that picture, you can ask that it be removed. Except the one of Julian with fringe.


This is not the most flattering picture of me, but my choices are slim right now. I'm not that pale, that's only the lighting. The baby is one of the twins (can't tell). My niece Lisa is in the background and my sister Deborah is in the corner.

Colton is trying to march like the trombones. He wants to be in the Pride, too!

This is just a funny picture, that's all.

I know, its a very small picture, and Julian would kill me if I made it any larger. This was the day of freshman initiation where we were instructed to "Dress Like a Texan" including (gag) fringe.

Here is a picture of the Pride taken at the OU/saxeT game.

Here is a another "surprise" picture of Katie. She hates it when I do that.

I have a few pictures from my annual Christmas party. It was odd to see everyone again and everyone pretty much the same, but different too. Here's DeLyn, Amanda, Lori, Andrew, and Erin is behind DeLyn

Geneva doesn't want her picture taken, Will doesn't care, and Katies is busy taking an aerial shot.

DeLyn, Melissa, and Will examine my Pride guide. If I remember right, Melissa and DeLyn were searching for hot guys, but what's new?

Can I find a more random picture? These are friends of mine and who have their own band: Milkcrate. Dante, Wyatt, and Everett. They have a cd available to buy, but you'd probably have to talk to them somehow.... If you want one I can ask them for you. (Sorry Ryan, I don't have a picture of you to put with your brothers!)


There's no place like home....There's no place like home....