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Other People Ramble, Too!


Conversation? Negative!

I was reminded of something today. We talked about it in my communications class, and I've even participated in this activity. You get on an elevator, and someone else enters through the squeaky sliding doors. What do you do? Well, you either stare at the floor or watch the numbers change as the elevator rises or descends.

This is what communication scholars label a "script" in our society. I mean, come on... nobody talks to strangers on an elevator! Our automatic response to a stranger that (heaven forbid) initiates an elevator conversation is either "Wow! He/she is a very friendly person," or "I can't believe he/she is trying to talk to me! I have no clue who this person is!" I have discovered college students go with the first response.

You have no idea how much potential there is in an elevator conversation. Here's my challenge for you: Once, just once, start a conversation with a stranger on an elevator. You might just meet your new best friend.



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