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Other People Ramble, Too!


Got Any Cheeeeese?
Nicole Rambles About Her Favorite Food

I like cheese. Any kind of cheese... within reason. I'll try anything. Cheese just fits with everything. Crackers, meat, bread, salad, just about anything you can think of -- some kind of cheese WILL fit it perfectly. I've decided to ramble about cheese for awhile, because "triple grilled cheese sandwich" is a menu item this week in the cafeteria. If there is one thing that just can't be ruined by the curse of "cafeteria food," it is a grilled cheese sandwich. American, cheddar, swiss or jack, the combination can't go wrong. Cheese is just that wonderful thing that's good to eat at any temperature... which is a good trait for cafeteria food." I put all sorts of parmesan cheese on my pasta at dinner, as well as when chicken parmesan is offered. Now THERE is cheese in all its glory. That breaded chicken wouldn't be anything without the cheese on top. Oh man, that's good stuff. And hey, what about cheesecake for dessert? What the hell kind of cheese is in that? Cream cheese? I don't know, but it's good stuff. Cheeeeeese...aaah. I think love of cheese runs in my family. Wanna know what my brother gets every time we go to an Italian restaurant? Yeah, "make your own pizza" with cheese and extra cheese, then when the waitress comes along with freshly grated parmesan, he asks for the equivalent of another layer of cheese. Even my dog knows, recognizes, and loves the word "cheese." His ears perk up at the smallest mention of the orange stuff. It's great. What else can I say about cheese? I mean, people fry the stuff and sell it as "mozzerella sticks" or "cheddar bites." Add other stuff to it, and you'll get "jalapeno poppers." What would nachos be without the cheese? I'll tell you what: CHIPS. Cheese livens up every party! What else besides whipped cream is sold in one of those fun spray cans? Cheez whiz is the best! True, it might not be official cheese, but it's still cheesarific! Don't even get me started on all the variations of Cheetos or cheese-flavored chips... wow. Pretzels and cheese, chips and cheese, cheese crakers, chili and cheese, cheese burgers, cheese fries, mac 'n' cheese, queso, fondue, Watonga, Wisconsin,
France and the moon, cheese is just EVERYWHERE. You can't deny its cheesey goodness! A wise person once said, "The cheese stands alone." I rest my case.


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