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These are the sites that I enjoy. Ok, so I just usually go there to humor the designer of the page or to get whatever information I need off of there. But I use them none the less.

Cobbler Cult Perhaps the only people more obsessed with cobbler than we are.

How to spot a mad cow The cases of Mad Cow Disease worry me. So I have found a way for you to be able to spot a mad cow. Do you think that Oklahoma State University is the best institution of learning in the entire town of Stillwater? Then its time you get branded!

Effit From the makers of getbranded comes these.........comics. Go, read, laugh, wonder what the hell their talking about because you don't know them.

Randomness One of the few things more random than this site. Check it out for a good laugh or two.

Bored? Well you shouldn't be, you're looking at my site!

Rock for Life Yes, I am a pro-life person. I believe that every child should have the chance to be born. Some of you may agree with me, others may not, but check out this site either way.

The Pride of Oklahoma Yes, I am a member of the (about) 300 member marching band known as the Priiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiide of Oklahoma. This link may be pointless to you, but its useful to me.

Napster Get it while its still here, as if you don't have it already.
Napigator This will give you new servers to use on Napster to get the songs you want.

University of Oklahoma Interested in attending the university. Never heard of the university. Just click the link and see why we are the best in the Big XII and probably the nation. (No, I'm not brainwashed, that's A&M)